bumbu_dasar_lengkuas_1Lengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10gLengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10gLengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10gLengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10gLengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10g
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Lengkuas (Galangal Powder) 10g

SKU: 11028880010
Rp 3,500.00 per unit for buying at least 10

Lengkuas (Galangal Powder)
Weight 1 sachet = 10g

Minimum Quantity per Order = 10 pcs

Ingredients : Galangal
Product Type : Powder Seasoning
Product Form : Powder
Processing Type : Powdered
Certification : PIRT, Indonesian Halal, HACCP
Shelf life : 1 Year
Weight (Nett) : 10 Grams
Packaging Primary : Nylon Plastic Food Grade, 65mm x 75mm
Packaging Secondary : Card Box, 70mm x 45mm x 100mm Consist of 10 Primary
Packaging Tertiary : Card Board, 425mm x 190mm x 285mm Consist of 20 Primary

Untuk pemesanan dalam jumlah kecil klik disini (To order individual spice pack less than 10 pack, please order directly through this links):
- Tokopedia
- Shopee
- Blibli


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